Why Are You Still Single: Men Point Of View?

April 28, 2016

There are so many single women around us and they all blame men for their relationship status, but what men have to say about that. If you think that you know what men think, then you are deadly wrong. Here are some of their conclusions and we bet that you will find yourself at least in two.
“I want a relationship, but I don’t want to go out”

How else you are going to create a relationship. To find love, you must go out. Women are usually afraid that by going out their relationship will stay superficial and that those short dates will stay for life and that’s why they hate them so much.
“I want to meet a good guy, but I don’t someone who is bold, fat, short and doesn’t earn enough money…”
Good guys come in all shapes, sizes and educational levels. There are good guys who are highly educated and tall, but there are also good guys who are short, have few extra pounds and only have a high school. Just because some of them aren’t right for you and they aren’t the love of your life, you should discriminate and reject anyone. Always put yourself in their shoes.
“I want a guy I can expect instant connection from, but still I’m not going to have sex with him until he confirms that we are in a relationship”
98% of guy will shoot first and the ask questions, which means they will commit to you after the sex. Maybe you think that we are wrong but it’s simple as that. Sex in a very important factor for every man and surely he won’t promise you a relationship until he confirms that you are good in a sack.

It doesn’t mean that you have to sleep with him immediately, just don’t expect impossible from him.
“I want love, but I’m tired of searching, it’s got to find me now”

Love can’t find you if you are hiding. If you don’t go out, or make new contacts on the internet, or if you know all friends of your friends, you are basically invisible to the men. It may seem silly, but it’s the same situation when you are looking for a job. You must present yourself; otherwise, no one will know you actually exist.
“I can’t find anyone normal”
What’s normal nowadays? What you consider normal someone else may consider insane. In this world of imperfections, you should be lucky to find someone who will respect you and love you just the way you are. You can’t spend your life only complaining, you have to fight.

Your right one is out there, you just have to find him, or look better, maybe he is hiding next to you, but you can’t see him.
“I love being single”

Sure you do, but you don’t have to lie to us. Every person after some time needs someone. Just because you are living in delusions, doesn’t mean we all have to accept that.

Charlie Taylor

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